Why Is My Stomach Bigger After Gallbladder Surgery?

Stomach Bigger After Gallbladder Surgery

After surgery, it has been resolved that some people asked, “Why is my stomach bigger after gallbladder surgery?” Cholecystectomy or gallbladder surgery is a standard surgical method. This procedure is usually performed when girls are formed at the time of gallbladder removal. After this surgical operation, many people recover generally, but some of them face the issue of more prominence.

Gallbladder Anatomy and Functioning

Before learning about “Why is my stomach bigger after garbage surgery?”. It’s important to discuss the functioning of the gallbladder in our body. This pear-shaped small organ lies beneath the liver in the body. It is a releasing solid organ. At the same time, it is a fluid produced by the liver and then goes for storage or leasing in the gallbladder. Then, it is released in the small intestine for the digestion process.

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Why Is My Stomach Bigger After Gallbladder Surgery?

Why Is My Stomach Bigger After Gallbladder Surgery

Water gallbladder surgery and an increase in the size of the stomach can be faced. There are a few main reasons that can increase the size of the stomach after gallbladder surgery.

1. Removing Care Tissues

After surgery, if any scar tissue remains in contact, that can cause stomach enlargement. These remaining tissues tend to combine and cause swelling in the abdominal organs. During operation surgeons, surgeons take special care not to leave any tissue to reduce the side effects of gallbladder surgery.

2. Bile Regulation

After the surgery, the body sometimes combines to produce pigment that is not stored in the gallbladder. This while goes into the small intestine. This activity can cause the quantity of bile in the intestine to increase, which can cause discomfort and blotting.

3. Died Effects

After surgery, many people try to avoid such foods that can cause gallbladder problems. This act can reduce fiber intake and car constipation. Some people take continuous carbohydrate foods, which cause bigger stomachs and weight gain.

4. Post-Surgical Inflammation

Gallbladder operation requires several cutting of tissue layers, which is a complex process. This process can be a reason for fluid accommodation and inflammation, leading to larger stomachs and blotting.

How Do You Get Rid of Belly Fat After Gallbladder Surgery?

How Do You Get Rid of Belly Fat After Gallbladder Surgery

You can overcome extra belly fat after gallbladder surgery by adopting some beneficial nutritious habits.

  • Avoid fatty, fried, and greasy foods.
  • Don’t eat Spicy foods
  • Avoids such foods that can cause gas in the stomach
  • Restrict caffeine or alcohol intake.
  • Take fiber
  • Smaller meals for better digestion are suggested.

How Long Does the Belly Stay Swollen After Gallbladder Removal?

As you know, it is part of the procedure to enter air into your abdomen after gallbladder surgery. This act can sometimes increase inflammation, and it is an uncomfortable activity. After air dissipates, it should improve quickly.


Finally, we have concluded that a bigger stomach is due to many reasons, like diet comma bile pigment post-surgical inflammation and remaining tissue during surgical operations. All these factors are the cause of this comfort and blotting. You can overcome all these reasons by following the above-discussed precautions like fibre intake, hydration, and exercise.

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