It’s easy to have a nice sounding value statement. Enron's core values were chiseled into the wall of their lobby: "Integrity. Communication. Respect. Excellence." But 15,000 employees lost their jobs in 2001 because Enron's leaders had hidden billions of dollars in debt and bankrupted the company.

Too often, churches make similar mistakes by failing to put their values into practice. A church’s true values can be seen in what they pursue, encourage, and celebrate. Our values represent the lifestyle that we try to work out every day.

We Value

  • Personal connection with God

  • The gospel’s power to change a person

  • God’s presence in ordinary mundane life

  • Prayerfulness in all things

  • The authority of the Bible

  • Stewardship of our abilities and resources

  • Authenticity in our relationships

  • The multiplication of disciples, groups and churches