About The Plan

Basic Church uses a simple reading plan that guides us through the Bible together over the course of three years. We find that having the same reading schedule is useful to us for teaching, discussion, and discipleship in our Home Groups.

Bible Reading & Grace

We value reading the Bible and applying what we learn there to our lives. However, we also try to avoid the trap of believing that our relationship with God is somehow based on our faithfulness to the Bible instead of Jesus' faithfulness to us.

Rather than guilt-tripping, we celebrate grace. We'd rather read one day, miss the next six, and consider it God's grace than beat ourselves up over missed chapters.

How to Be successful with this Plan

There's nothing wrong with skipping last week's chapters. You can read Genesis 1—5, miss a week or so, then pick back up in Genesis 17 without knowing what happens in between.

No matter how many chapters you miss, just start with this week's reading.

If you really want to know what's happened, scan the section headings for a summary. We'll eventually get back around to those chapters again. The important things is we're reading the Bible and applying it to our lives together.

Basic Reading Plan — Year 2