Basicilm or basic education is such a platform that facilitates its visitors in different ways. Basicilm is a combination of different experts belonging to different fields of life. As per need experts are hired for blogging, writing, and consultation in different fields e.g. pet consultancy, education, and motivational consultancy by Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Ph.D. scholars respectively. Besides this, it provides a variety of services including informational, educational, and health-related issues. You can get benefits in the following contents


A number of people read and write blogs. Blogging is a good source of information sharing, history, education, showbiz, biographies, problem sharing, and solutions. Blogs are of three types. In fact, we have a qualified team that will help to meet your solutions or answers to the questions people regarding these three main categories i.e.

1. Pets and Animals

2. Health and Fitness

3.Education & Motivation

Health and Fitness

More than 95% population of the world has Health-related issues that's why finding a reliable source of information is also a challenge for everyone. The Internet is a full house of information and covers each and every aspect of life. But no one can say this information whether it's right or wrong. It depends upon the source of information where you get or website is reliable or not which you have to visit.  So, in this scenario trying to provide the latest and strongest info with evidence according to our team.

According to a study in 2013, only less than 5% of people in the world are fully healthy or have no health-related issues. It means 95% population faces health-related problems which is an alarming situation in the future. After all this alarming situation,  it is important to educate the people about the latest health-related issues. This platform tries to do its best for our visitors and covers the latest updates by health organizations or other trusted institutes. We are trying to organize all information and recommendations of our different platforms on a single page. With the help of this act, our visitors are facilitated in different ways i.e. people don't need to visit each platform, reliable information source, latest information gathered, latest topics are covered on an instant basis. After all these efforts what does wants? It wants just your positive feedback for boasting our moral to do something best and new.

Health and fitness are the issues that should be solved. It will be not wrong to say that it is a hot issue. Every person wants and also should look smart and healthy. In this busy life, everyone should take care of his health. So, he searches the pages, blogs, and websites to get proper solutions to his problems. Basicilm covers frequently asked issues and solutions to your health and other issues. Patent information along with the statistics and authentic surveys is also provided to you. You can get every kind of information about health and fitness-related issues and diseases.  Symptoms of the diseases and then the best solutions are also given according to the diseases and symptoms.

Pets and Animals:

Latest survey 2021-22 in the united states by the APPA, 70% of households in the U.S own a pet either a cat or dog. It is also estimated by APPA that more than 90 million families are adopting pets as a hobby for enjoyment. These numbers are very large as compared to data in 1988 that was 56% of households carries a pet. Dogs are the most adopted pet among the people of the USA. A large number of dogs are found in the US around 76,811,000. Not only dogs people also like to adopt cats as a pet for enjoyment and in spending their spare time. It is estimated more than 58,385,000 cats in the US.

All above given data is collected by AVMA(American Vet Medical Association) With the help of this data you can judge the situation of people of the United States for pets adoption. Not only the U.S people of the UK (United Kingdom) also love to adopt pets.  With the reference of a study in 2018, almost 47.3 million dogs and 373 million cats were adopted as a pet. After getting all the above data, the experts of the Basicilm platform decide to facilitate the people with better and more reliable information to manage their pets on their own.


Visual observations create a great impact on viewers. In the world 2.24 million YouTube users. That’s a great number and shows the importance of visual observation. Therefore YouTube is a great source or platform for videos. Almost 12 percent of males aged from 25 to 35 years are there. Sometimes images can not create a clear image in the minds of readers.

At that time readers wants to visualize The described words in real form, but not possible. At that time videos can make a good sense or understanding by showing a pictorial view in front of readers. The main drawback of YouTube is the lack of quality content. The quality of content is very important for each and every platform. After all this scenario, the platform of decide to facilitate our visitors by blogging as well as visual content for the purpose of videos l, YouTube channel created. Education, as well as entertaining content-based videos, are designed for a better understanding of users. The home page of the website is furnished with a video section and by clicking any video, you will go to the desired channel and can enjoy it.      


Education and Motivation

Basic ilm is the platform and website which is also beneficial for motivation. As you all know that motivation is the element that can make the possible things that are locked almost impossible. Motivation is such a peaceful weapon that can help a man win the warfighting in himself. It can make the mouse, a lion.  Education and motivation play an important role in the life of people. Every field of life needs Education and learning but after leaving motivation can boost your morale to do as you learn. So, motivation can get results as you expected. Factories labor,  students, teachers, employees, you can say everyone needs motivation from time to time to boost the inner hidden power of employees. Education and motivation can't end, it's a long-lasting process.

So, this website is full of motivational material. References of the motivational speaker can also be found on this website. Users of this platform can change their life by using and surfing this very website. Our platform believes to facilitate our visitors to educate and motivate, for this purpose we have to establish this blog under education and motivational experts. On the other hand, we will talk about our educational services. Basic ilm is one of the best websites or platforms which helps you to meet your needs and requirements in no time. You can get the solutions of your different alignments, academic writing, and guidance of every kind regarding education.

You have also a facility to take tests that are multiply choice questions (MCQs) based. It will prove valuable and beneficial for your educational system. So, this platform enhances your knowledge and helps you to know the world in a better way. If you are interested to increase your general knowledge, you should get benefit from our services of free online Multiple Choice Questions. It provides you free services to enhance your general knowledge and current affairs knowledge. Besides this intelligent Quotient I.Q is the major issue, especially for your generation. It is considered essential for the jobs, typically of the forces and intelligence. We provide you with the facility to check and improve your IQ level. Besides it, our platform has also made the question of IQ. So that you may feel easy and relaxed for gaining knowledge. You can also get6 a preparation for MDCAT and ECAT tests. It is advantageous for both, the teachers and for the students.

Test Generator System

The platform of is trying to facilitate the Pakistani education system at the secondary level with the help of an online test generator system. This system is formulated after knowing the need for time. In Pakistan, more than 47 million children are in the schools as well as one million teachers also working.

A  large number of schools are working in Pakistan. It is estimated the total number of public and private schools in Pakistan is 317,320. If we talk about the most populated province Punjab, more than 60,000 private schools are working at the primary level. The number of schools in the public sector is almost 52,000. These numbers are very big but the education system or standard of education is not able to compete with developed countries. On the other hand, the number of high and middle schools is 6400 and 8400 respectively.

After all this study and data, our platform decides to facilitate our education system. In the schools and academies daily, weekly, and monthly test sessions are arranged. The composing of test-taking much time for teachers. Sometimes schools arranged a special typist to formulate or compose tests and take heavy amounts in return. So, we have decided to develop such a system that can facilitate teachers and schools. Following test sessions for different classes as under,

9th Class Test Session

10th Class Test Session

11th Class Test Session

12th Class Test Session

These four types of test sessions are available for different boards like Punjab Boards, Federal Board, and other Pakistani boards at very low prices. This online test generator system is a beautiful and up-to-date system. You have to do the following simple steps registration, login, and main menu. After this, just go for board selection and class select. Then you will choose desired chapters as per need and tests will be generated automatically as well as manually as you want. You can also select the desired questions from the question bank randomly. Registered schools or academy names and logos will automatically be printed on every print. This unique and updated system should be availed by every institute.

Initially, we have decided to formulate the test system for matric and intermediate classes for Punjab Boards. Other province boards will also come into this stream in 2023. Chapter-wise, double chapters, one-third book, half book, or full book test as you wish, you can get. Random chapters, as well as random topics from different chapters, can also be selected. Many schools and academies want to make their own notes. This platform of also facilitates their users to make their own notes followed by some simple steps.


This section of the website Basicilm is very prominent and interesting. This section is where you can get different services like content writing, article writing, editing and proofreading, online assignment solutions, and work guidelines. The platform of Basicilm is a web-based, advance,d and easy-to-use system. We facilitate our clients after every easy procedure. Customers do not need to pay the advance registration fee or registration procedures. You can get any above services just after SMS on WhatsApp or email us. All the communication was carried through WhatsApp or emails within seconds without any login or sign-up procedures.

For the sake of helping or boosting your business, if you need an article, This platform is in front of you. SEO content writers for your website or e-commerce store are available on an urgent basis at very low rates. The writers club overview this task, which is the combination of different experts from different fields DVM, Agriculture, Educationist, science,  Accounting and business, Physics, Chemistry,  Mathematics, postgraduates are the part of The Writers Club.

Solve My Assignment

A well-established and organized service is also under the observation of the writers club. The writers club under this platform facilitates visitors by providing online Assignment solutions,  Math Assignment solutions,  Physics assignment solutions, or others you want. Because this platform has different experts from different fields as above describes. The online assignment solution service is very easy to available and has a fast delivery. Two to twelve hours are enough to solve the Assignment. User experience is also fantastic because it is so easy to use, just WhatsApp and instant reply by our representatives.

Contact info as under:


Whatsapp: +92316 4393652

Editing and Proofreading

Witters from different regions and languages want to share their biography,  thoughts and scientific knowledge worldwide. But due to the language barrier, they feel guilty. Therefore we have highly qualified staff with graduation in English literature and have a full grip on Editing and proofreading. With this platform, you can easily get this service at an affordable price. For availing of this service above described easy way you can choose email or WhatsApp.

Contact info as under:


Whatsapp: +92316 4393652


As you know finding a job is no easy task due to the high competition rate among job seekers. There are a number of candidates for a single vacancy. According to the Global Unemployment Survey in 2021, the Unemployment rate is 6.5 in the world. This data shows the alarming situation in the world. If you talk about Pakistan, the rate of unemployment or jobless people is 5.0 percent. The lowest unemployment rate is 0.1 percent in Qatar. A number of reasons are there unemployment like poverty, lack of education, lack of skills, and the growth rate of the population. Lack of education or skill required a lot of time and energy to educate the people. Governments can play a vital role to facilitate the people in education, government jobs, interest-free loans for small businesses, and initiating skills-oriented programs. For the sake of this purpose, governments start different programs and schemes for the welfare of nations.

In this country Pakistan, everyone knows better the governments and administrations always remain under trouble or pressure due to economic crises, corruption, and foreign loans. The inflation rate, poverty, and unemployment rates are very high so, finding a reasonable job is no easy task for individuals in the public as well as private sectors. Unawareness about job announcements is also a very common reason for many candidates. Because many job advertisements are published in newspapers and these are out of reach of most people. One another reason is there, a number of jobs advertising agencies and newspapers, everyone can not reach each source. In this regard, our web-based system is also on the front line to facilitate our visitors. By providing jobs on this platform as well as educating, and guiding others about jobs and procedures. With the help of this website’s “jobs section” you can update yourself about different jobs. website's main purpose is to facilitate our visitors by different means. For the managing jobs section, we have a team. This team visits different newspapers and jobs oriented or advertising agencies on daily basis. After visiting they have to try to gather the latest information about jobs and upload it here. The main purpose of this activity is to gather all job ads o  a single page for our users. Now a says job in Pakistan, is a dream. But no need to lose hope and always try to do their best. One day will become Pakistan emerged as a great nation in the world. At the end of this whole discussion a simple piece of advice, job givers are always better than job seekers. So, try to do their best, trust in Allah, and became job givers as soon as possible.

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