What is Hot Stone Massage and Himalayan Salt Stone Massage


Massage therapy can be a great option if you’re looking for a way to unwind and de-stress. Reducing stress levels and alleviating muscle tension can improve physical well-being. Two popular massages are Himalayan salt stone massage and hot stone massage, both of which use heated stones. However, there are some critical differences between the two. This article aims to help you choose between two options by exploring their similarities and differences.

History of Hot Salt Stones and Himalayan Salt Stones:

Hot Salt Stone:

Hot Stone Massage uses hot stones to apply pressure, but it’s less popular than Swedish Massage and may require research to find a practitioner. It gained popularity in the UK in the 1990s, but the practice has been utilized for thousands of years across Asia. Many written and oral records indicate that it has been practiced in China for around 2,000 years, while some believe it originated in India about 3,000 years ago.

Mary Nelson, a US massage therapist, revived stone massage in the 90s with hot stones. Her LaStone Therapy uses 18 frozen stones, 54 hot stones, and one room-temperature stone. Hot stone therapy is now popular worldwide.

Himalayan Salt Stone:

Himalayan salt stone is extracted from the Khewra Salt Mine in northern Punjab, Pakistan. The mine in the Himalayan foothills was found in 320 BC when Alexander the Great’s army passed through the area.

About 250 million years ago, the Himalayan foothills saw the evaporation of ancient waters, resulting in the formation of Himalayan salt. It is situated under the Rocky Mountains, which shields it from environmental factors. Lava previously covered the old sea beds inside this mountain range, where this salt is obtained. The lava is a natural barrier to prevent toxins and contaminants from reaching the salt. As a result, the salt remains pollutant-free and clean for many years.

What is the Hot Salt Stone Massage?

What is the Hot Salt Stone Massage

Hot stone massage treatment is an old Chinese procedure that uses heated black rocks made of basalt. The massage therapist kneads your muscles using the stones as an extension of their hands.

What is the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage?

Heated salt stones are used in Himalayan salt massage to relieve stress and anxiety. The massage therapist might place the salt stones in their hands or move them on and off the client’s body while doing the massage.

Advantages of Hot Stone Massage vs Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Advantages of Hot Stone Massage:

Advantages of Hot Stone Massage

The vibrant, pink Himalayan salt stones are better for your skin and mind, while basalt stones are also best for pain alleviation and other medical advantages. A hot stone massage will likely include the following:

·   Profound pain alleviation, especially for back and neck pain

·   Enhanced immune system

·   Lower blood pressure and improved blood circulation

·   Relaxing the tight muscles

·   Helps to reduce inflammation and alleviate the severity of arthritis symptoms

·   May provide relief from stress and sadness

·   Establishes body energy

Advantages of Himalayan Salt Stone Massage:

Advantages of Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

You might already know the advantages of Himalayan salt for cooking and air cleansing. Himalayan pink salt is gaining popularity as a substitute for sea salt.

Using Himalayan salt stones during a massage has several benefits:

·   The deep sensation of relaxation

·   After exfoliating, the skin appears radiant and glowing.

·   Promote better sleep

·   Relaxed muscles and joints

·   Increase blood flow

·   Lessen signs of aging

·   It relaxes the mind, aids mental health, and heals emotions.

·   Enhances a feeling of well-being

·   Overcomes insomnia

Himalayan salt stones are a natural source of 84 minerals with multiple health benefits. This is the reason why massages with them feel so energizing.

How Does The Hot Salt Stonework?

The therapist gets ready heated basalt stones in hot water for this therapy. The center of the back and the spine are frequently the locations of stones. Depending on the situation, heated stones can be applied to the palms, toes, chest, feet, and abdomen. The positioning of the stones helps harmonize the body’s energies and ease pain in stressful regions.

What Takes Place Throughout Treatment?

A Hot Stone Massage is performed peacefully in one of our treatment rooms. Low-key music is playing, and the lighting is dim. The table is warm and inviting as you remove your clothes and go between the covers. The massage therapist uses heated basalt stones to release tension from tight muscles and induce relaxation. While others utilize the Safe Haven Signature Swedish Massage method to palpate the muscle tissue, the massage therapist will place the stones on the trigger points. The stones balance and ground the body’s energy while calming the peripheral nervous system. Throughout the entire massage, your therapist will employ the stones, and You will feel refreshed, re-energized, and confident once again after experiencing it.

How Does the Himalayan Salt Stone Work?

How Does the Himalayan Salt Stone Work

The Himalayan Salt Stone Massage is a soothing treatment specially created for you. Using heated Himalayan salt stones rather than basalt ones to relax stiff muscles is comparable to traditional hot stone massage. These stones also offer a variety of essential minerals, trace elements, and ions that improve everyday fitness and well-being. You may need this treatment if you’re seeking an effective way to care for yourself!

Himalayan salt stones contain over 80 different minerals., which help to balance the positive and negative ions in your body. Your body will be more balanced when used in conjunction with massage therapy since the body can absorb these trace elements.

What Takes Place Throughout Treatment?

This massage is done in one of our exquisitely furnished treatment rooms. The room is designed to create a relaxing atmosphere with dimmed lighting and tranquil background music. You will feel comfortable and at ease, once you undress and get between the warm and inviting blankets on the massage table. Our specialized massage uses heated salt in various shapes and sizes to relieve stress from tired muscles. During the Safe Haven Signature Swedish Massage, some stones massage muscle tissue, while others are positioned on tension areas. These stones promote the natural energy flow system of the body to return and regulate the autonomic nervous system.

Do Both Salt Stone Massage Shows Similar Results?

Do Both Salt Stone Massage Shows Similar Results 

Heated Himalayan salt stones release negative ions that help by clearing the electromagnetic pollution carried by our bodies and reestablishing the natural energy flow. Just what does that represent? Electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation, which our bodies absorb and accumulate. This can cause inflammation over time. Excellent salt neutralizes positively charged radiation and balances the body’s electromagnetic field. Massages with Himalayan salt stones provide a unique experience. Himalayan salt stones are heated similarly to standard stone massage, which employs heated stones to provide a calming and reviving effect. In addition, salt includes 84 distinct minerals, all of which have several advantages. These include lowering stress levels, enhancing sleep quality, and cleansing the body.

Hot stones are soft and lack the essential elements present in Himalayan salt. It also shows they don’t exfoliate the skin, leaving it polished and velvety. It indicates that it has no benefits for restoring and nourishing the skin. But hot stones help relax stressful muscles and improve blood circulation, the same as Himalayan salt.

Why Should I Attempt It?

Our lives are hectic and loaded with outside stresses. Giving yourself time to rest, unwind, and recharge your energy; health care is called self-care. Why not try both a shot? They provide fantastic medical and therapeutic advantages. You need to choose your favorite massage and enjoy this.


After comparing hot stone massage and Himalayan salt stone massage, it is clear that both techniques offer unique and calming sensations. Himalayan salt stone massage boasts the benefits of mineral-rich, exfoliating salt stones, while hot stone massage relies on heated, smooth stones to relax muscles. Each therapy presents unique advantages, from the potential skin benefits and mineral absorption of hot stone massage to the muscular relaxation of Himalayan salt stone massage. Ultimately, personal preferences determine which of these two therapies are chosen. Both techniques can provide a soothing and rejuvenating experience that refreshes and revitalizes individuals.

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