What Are The Green Tea Benefits

What is Green Tea?

Before diving into green tea benefits learn “What is green tea”Green tea is a type of tea that is obtained from a specific kind of leaf called “Camellia Sinensis”. China is the country from which green tea primarily originated. It means it was used in the East or South East area first and then, noticing it became famous all over the world. It is green in color. Undoubtedly it is one of the beverages that have been used in the world.

Types of Green Tea

There are many types of green tea few of them are given here

  • Sencha Green Tea
  • Hoji Cha
  • Fuka Muslu Cha
  • Genmaichan Green Tea
  • Shincha
  • Gyokuro
  • Matcha
  • Kuki cha
  • Tencha
  • Kabuscha

All of the types are different in color and taste depending upon usage and preparation.

Green Tea Benefits and Importance

Importance and Benefits of Green Tea

As we have you told Green Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world although it has many great benefits too. It’s packed with many antioxidants which are good for protecting from cancer, losing fat, burning calories, improving or enhancing brain health, lowering heart-related diseases, and lowering cholesterol levels. We are also discussing some of the benefits of green tea here.

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Packed with Bioactive Compounds

Green tea is full of polyphenols and EGCG (Epigallocatechin-3-gallate). Polyphenols enhance the ability of the human body to fight against cancer cells and help to reduce inflammation. EGCG is a type of catechin that performs its duty as a natural antioxidant; it means it’s good for preventing cell damage.

Improve Brain Function

As you know tea or coffee contains caffeine which keeps you alert despite working from tea has also a small amount of caffeine as compared to a coffee cup. So, it keeps us alert. Here, the point to discuss is that green tea also contains L-theanine. L-Theanine has synergistic effects with caffeine which means their combination improves brain function.

Burns the Fat

If you want to burn your fat without taking much exercise or with light exercise, green tea can be the best option for you. You can burn your calories up to 4-15% by taking green tea regularly. Caffeine is also beneficial for improving physical fitness. This can enhance the ability to do work. So, It’s beneficial for weight loss.

Reduce the Bad Breath

As we have discussed catechins are in great amounts in green tea. These also help to stop or lower the risk of infection. Catechins are also good for stopping the growth of bacteria. If you have the issue of bad breath, you can get benefits from green tea.

Prevents Heart Diseases

According to an authentic survey, heart diseases or heart strokes are the major causes of death in the world. As you have studied green tea reduces cholesterol levels, hence it reduces the risk of heart diseases like heart attack or heart stroke. It is sparingly true that people who use green tea regularly have a 30-35% lower chance of suffering cardiovascular diseases than those who don’t take green tea.

Helps to fight against Cancer and Cancer Cells

Green Tea is one of the major natural sources of antioxidants. As you know antioxidants help to protect against oxidative damage. Oxidative damage can cause growing cancer cells. So, green tea is rich in antioxidants, it can play a key role in protecting a person from the dangerous diseases of cancer. Researches show that green tea can save you from the following kinds of cancer.

  • Prostate Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Cholesterol Cancer

Helps to Prevent Diabetes

These days the rate of diabetic patients is increasing. It is caused by increasing the sugar level in the blood. Increasing the sugar level reduces the ability to produce insulin. So, a man suffers from type 2 diabetes. Studies show that persons, who use green tea regularly, have a lower risk of diabetes up to 4- to 50%.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Are you worried about the heavyweight of years? Don’t worry, green tea can help you if want to lose extra weight. It doesn’t matter from which part of the body you want to lose the body weight. Study shows that you can lose weight from your belly, chest, and waist. The reason behind it is to increase the metabolism rate of the body. Your body works faster after taking green tea and you lose weight.

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