Can You Eat Chips After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Can You Eat Chips After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Chips are OK to eat with a few restrictions. First, you need to wait 24 hours following surgery. You should only consume cold, liquid meals like yogurt and ice cream throughout the first twenty-four hours of the protocol.

It’s crucial to adhere to the postoperative instructions provided by your oral surgeon or dentist after having your wisdom teeth extracted for a seamless and quick recovery. To minimize difficulties and encourage recovery, it is often advised to avoid specific meals for a while.

Foods with a smooth texture, such as chips, are typically simple to eat and swallow. To make it easier to consume, you may chop the potatoes and the other ingredients into bite-sized bits.

In addition, there are additional things to consider, such as avoiding specific components and consuming your chips at a moderate temperature or level of spice should not be high.

What are the ingredients in chips that you should put in or leave out after getting your wisdom teeth removed?

Even if chips are not complex, you should stay away from potatoes that irritate you or are hard to chew. Use no peppers or other spicy ingredients at all.

How long after wisdom tooth extraction can I eat chips?

After wisdom teeth removal, one should refrain from eating chips and other crunchy foods. Due to the blood clot being dislodged, hard food might result in a dry socket. Once the surgical incision heals completely, which might take up to eight weeks, depending on how complicated the extraction is, you can start eating chips and hard foods. But can have soft chips 24 hours after having their wisdom teeth removed.

Why Are Cold, Soft, and Liquid Foods Eat Besides Chips After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Why Are Cold, Soft, and Liquid Foods Eat Besides Chips After Wisdom Teeth Removal

1. Meals

Cold, soft, and liquid meals are frequently included in post-surgery diet recommendations for many reasons:

2.   Decreased Discomfort:

The surgical sites may be sensitive, swollen, and irritated following surgery, particularly oral or dental operations like the extraction of wisdom teeth. Eatables and drinks that are cold might help numb the region and ease discomfort.

3.   Reduction of swelling:

By narrowing blood vessels, cold meals, and beverages can aid in the reduction of swelling. This might be especially crucial in the early recovery phases to reduce inflammation following surgery.

4.   Reducing Chewing:

Chewing tough or crunchy food might strain the surgery sites, increasing the risk of discomfort, bleeding, or other issues. Soft and liquid foods need little to no chewing, which lowers the possibility of interfering with the healing process.

5.   Preventing Infection:

In the days right after surgery, surgical areas are susceptible to infection. Soft and liquid meals lower the chance of infection since they are less likely to leave behind food particles or debris that might become stuck in surgical sites.

6.   Nutrition and Hydration:

Ensuring adequate nutrition and hydration is crucial for the healing process following surgery, even if it’s imperative to avoid certain meals during this time. Smoothies and broths are examples of liquid meals that may supply vital nutrients and fluids without posing any risks or difficulties.

7.   Digestibility:

The body may be less able to process solid meals in the early postoperative phase. Soft and liquid meals are kinder to the digestive tract and allow your body to absorb nutrients without further stress.

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What Are the Other Choices Other than Chips Following Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Another option is to eat different semi-solid and liquid meals such as milk-based smoothies, ice cream, jelly, custard, and yogurt.

You may get more fruits in your diet by making smoothies. Nutrients like vitamin C and selenium, which are beneficial for promoting healing, are found in fruits. An excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory is selenium, while vitamin C aids in the healing process.

Risks Associated With Eating Chips After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Chips can have sharp edges and are crispy and firm. Chips that are consumed too soon after wisdom teeth extraction may irritate the surgery sites, induce bleeding, or become trapped in the extraction sites, where they may cause an infection or slow the healing process.


After a whole discussion about “Can You Eat Chips After Wisdom Teeth Removal?”. It is concluded, that eating chips right away after wisdom tooth extraction is often not advised. Always get precise advice based on your particular circumstances from your dentist or oral surgeon. When it’s OK to resume eating crunchy foods like chips, they may provide you with tailored advice. Adhering to their recommendations will promote a more comfortable and expeditious recovery.

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