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Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2023

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Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2023

History of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A few scientists from a number of disciplines (Psychology, Engineering, Mathematics, Economics, and Political Science) start working on the viability of developing an artificial brain in the 1940s and 1950s.then, in 1956, the academic field of artificial intelligence research was established

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI).? 

Artificial Intelligence is the science that creating machines that can think and learn like humans. In simple words, the field of computer science making a machine for the help of humans, these machines help in many ways like problem solving, and decision making. Power of AI solve ten problems in one minute. 

What are the different types of Artificial Intelligence? 

AI system is generated to perform many duties for the help of humans in every field of life.AI has many subfields but main type of AI is two: 

 Narrow AI

Narrow AI is also known as week AI, is an application of AI technologies that is created for a single tasks and small number of tasks. virtual personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, picture recognition software, are all examples of limited AI. 

 General AI

General AI is also called strong AI or AGI, the machines that allows them to comprehend, learn, and perform tough tasks much like humans. AGI have the ability to behave like human mind and solve any kind of complex problem. 

HOW can I use AI.? 

AI is coming in different form that have become easily available in everyday life. Benefits of AI makes the life easy for humans. Other good examples are popular AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT, the new Bing Chat, and Google Bard. 

Usage of AI in everyday life: 

  •   Fraud detection systems in banking. 

  •   Navigation apps that give the suggestion about the best routes based on 
  •   Virtual assistant like Siri. 
      AI is used in graphic design, arts and video editing in our daily life. 

  • What can Artificial Intelligence do.? 
    Ai is a power to change the way we work, and in upcoming years its impact on the world is increase. Here are a few affects of AI on society: 
     Health care and medicines: 
    AI is used in medical field to detect and track the diseases, such as COVID-19, Dengue, Malaria etc. It also used in radiology, to identify abnormalities in images such as x- ray, CT-scan, MRIs.

 Education:
AI is also used in our education system in many ways. AI help the student of all ages and allowing them to achieve better result. 

 Environment Guidance: 

In the benefits of AI, one of the benefits to known about changing environment. AI can monitor and track the changing in environment. Ai is also told us about biodiversity, and water management etc. AI allowing us to be ready and careful for coming dangerous change in environment. 

 Security and safety
can help the companies to make sure the possible safety concerns and notify employees before something harmful occurs. 

 Entertainment and creativity:
AI technology generate a music, arts, and many more things that entertain the peoples and encourage the new kind of artistic expressions. 

 Problem Solving: 

AI has the ability to assist us in resolving issues that are too complex for humans to handle alone. AI can speed up the processing of enormous volumes of data and help us see patterns that we would not have noticed otherwise. AI can also assist us in testing various theories and developing fresh solutions to issues

 AIine Business: 

We use AI technology in our business-like Using AI voices to reply the to customers' verbal questions on the phone. Websites for small businesses can use chatbots to talk with customers. AI can improve the speed of your business and solve many problems so; employees can focus on more activities. 

 Smart home control:
AI technology may used to control home devices like lights, AC, thermostats and locks etc. 

Future of AI: 

Today, Humans enjoy the many benefits of AI. AI Technology help us in every field of life and it also conform that in upcoming years AI technology are more increased. 

Here are some forecast about the future of AI: 

  It's likely that AI will interact with AI more increased in the future, maybe replacing humans totally in some operations. 

  •   We will see more job roles in future open up that focus on AI. 
  •   Every day, new AI-related applications will continue to appear, but over time, AI will also start to being a part of all of the apps that we currently know and love. 

  • Which Artificial intelligence services are available to use.? 
    Here is some common AI technology is available to the public. We can enjoy these benefits of AI in free of cost. We also use this AI technology in our daily life: 
     VoiceAssistant
    In business you may use particular voice assistant to activate things like scheduling, making appointments, scheduling, and remembering deadlines and crucial dates. It frees up human time and resources to automate a voice-activated personal assistant to respond on many tasks or customers. Students can also use AI voice assistant for searching data on any topic. AI voice assistant save the time of human. 
     Chatbots: 
    Another type of virtual assistant that can engage with people and, in some situations, have conversations that resemble those between humans, including stimulate empathy and concern, is an AI chatbot.

 Language translation: 

In the benefits of AI, language translation helps us a lot. Services like Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Amazon Translate, and ChatGPT all employ machine learning to translate text into any language. 

 Images and video editing and recognition: 

AI is used by a variety of algorithms to find details about the faces, words, and objects present in photographs and videos as well as other content. Two examples of this include Amazon Recognition, an AWS service that allows users to input photographs and get information, and Clarifai, which uses machine learning to organize unstructured data from sources. 

 Software development: 

Although ChatGPT has become popular among programmers for writing and debugging code, there are a variety of alternative AI technology available to help programmers with their work. The AI pair programmer GitHub Copilot by OpenAI Codex is one example of a generative language model that can create code more quickly and with less effort by automatically finishing comments and code

Negative impacts of AI on our society: 

While we enjoy the many benefits of AI, AI is also comes with some negative impacts and challenges; 

 Privacy issues: 

Many issues are raised by the use of AI, in data analysis and personal assistants. AI is capable of gathering and analyzing personal data without permission or knowledge. 

 Loss of human skills: 

We too much depend on AI, that decreased the human thinking ability and powers. If we depend too much on AI to perform basic human activities like math, spelling, or navigation, our knowledge and abilities may be finished or loss. 

 Socialinteraction: 

Too much use of AI reduces the Human-to-Human contact. The usage of AI- powered chatbots and virtual assistants for social interaction may lead to social isolation and less face-to-face connection between peoples. 

 Difficulty in jobs: 

In some fields, automation through AI and robots may result in job losses, particularly in positions requiring repetitive or regular labor. Unemployment may result from this. 

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