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Most Popular Dog Breeds

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Most Popular Dog Breeds

Most Popular Dog Breeds

Do you love pets? Do you like to love a dog as a pet?

It is an article which will help you to know about the major, beautiful and famous breeds of dogs. It is well said that dogs are one of those pets that are faithful to their masters and lovers. There are many breeds that are liked by the people. Let’s see who among you, has the same breeds which are on the list of the top 8 most popular dog breeds.

  • Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are considered at the top of the list of dogs in America. These are loved and liked due to their friendly nature. These are very intelligent. These were used for fetching ropes Retrieving fish. Fishermen also got trained these dogs as their assistance in fishing. Labrador Retrievers also like playing as they have a handsome amount of energy. The former name of the Labrador Retrievers was John’s dog because it was bred in the island of Canada named ‘Newfoundland'. You can also call these dogs rescue or searching dogs as they can help in searching. Labrador Retrievers is such a breed that will gain mass and will become fatty if they are overfed or overeaten.  So exercise is very necessary for keeping them healthy and fit.

  • German Shepherds

A German shepherd is also known as a ‘Police Dog' commonly, as police get help from this breed of dogs. These are considered unmatched regarding intelligence, courage, loyalty, and devotion to their master. They are trained for multi-purposes and working. They are trained for drugs searching, herding, and competitive obedience. This dog gained the attraction of the world when he played a hero-like role in the 9/11 attack USA. If you want to have a German shepherd as your pet, you must know that it’s a dog with high potential and a lot of energy. That’s why physical activity and exercise are most needed to keep it active.

  • Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers belongs to Scotland. It is also famous for its tolerance. It can also serve the forces. It has the abilities of strong sniffing, hunting, and tracking. This breed of dog can easily be kept in homes along with human beings. To train for different purposes is also easy. It’s loyal, social loving, and among the most beautiful dogs in the world. This breed needs 45-50 minutes of exercise daily.

  • French Bull Dogs.

French Bull Dog is one of the popular and famous breeds among dog lovers. It is also known as a family dog. You will love to have it even if you have no experience with dogs or pets. It has unique look. It has a small body and strong muscles. It also likes to play with human beings. These have stubborn nature. It barks like an alarm when any of the stronger comes into your home or nearby, but it has gentle nature.

  • Beagles

Beagles were grown for hunting. It has a distinct ability to smell and track instincts. It is one of the detecting breeds. It has a great temperament. Beagles are very frank to the children especially.

  • Bulldogs

The other name of the Bulldog is an English bulldog. This breed is loyal and courageous. Bulldog has hanging skin, a wrinkled face, and nose rope. It is friendlier than the other breeds of dogs. Bulldogs like to live and play with children.

  • Poodles

Poodle dogs are the kind of breed of water dogs. It has a high sense of humor. This breed can be of many colors like blue, black, apricot, brown, cream, silver, gray, and white. Most of the Poodle lovers do not want to compete Poodles with others, but it doesn’t mean that Poodles are lazy or weak rather these are strong enough and courageous.

  • Rottweiler

This breed is considered the strongest among the breeds as the dogs that belong to this breed were used to pull the carts. It is also known as a domestic dog. Its life span is about 9-11 years. Rottweilers are good in nature and temperament. These are also very obedient.

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