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How to Pick a Pet

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How to Pick a Pet

How to Pick a Pet

In the modern world, everyone is busy in his own life, work and business. Finding a trusted friend to share joys or sorrows is very difficult. Most the people adopt pets to share their feelings to bring joy and happiness to his life. But the problem is that picking a pet which is very important.

Questions to be asked before picking a Pet

Each pet has different qualities and requirements with respect to care, behavior, cost, housing, food and other demands. So, you should be asked some short questions before selecting a pet as under.

  • Take the list of pets and pick the best one according to your home. Will you and your family be ready to spend life with pet hair, wear, and tears?
  • Know about the behavior of a pet with children, if children are there.
  • In the case of renting a house, the permission of the owner of the home is very important.
  • Will you have enough space indoor and outdoor in the home where your pets can spend some time?
  • Are you psychologically and physically active to spend much time with your pets?
  • Financial resources are very important to overcome the medical crises and veterinary bills.
  • The availability of a secondary caregiver is also necessary if you are on a business or family tour.

The main question is where you get a new pet. Please just focus on adopting because there are many cats, dogs, fishes and rabbits shelters available as well as rescue groups working for specific breeds of dogs and cats.

How to Pick a Pet

Choosing a Pet Dog

Dogs or Puppies are social friendly pets. They always look someone for playing, outing and walking. If you want to adopt a dog than make sure you will spend some hours with your puppy or dog on a daily basis. Also keep in the mind about the age of the dog you want to adopt, if puppy makes a big deal for you. It’s because you can not leave him or her alone at home for several hours. Also remember, puppies required house training and cues for example, “stay”, “sit” and “come”.

  • If you want to adopt a specific dog’s breed than you must know about all other breeds before finalising what type of dog to adopt.
  • The size of your house is also important. If you adopt an active dog than a small house or apartment, not enough for their good health.
  • Exercise, medication, vaccination and food requirements of a dog is also a very important factor because these things directly relevant to your budget.
  • Besides this dog you get, remember this you are going to make a big commitment. Dog’s life spans equals or more than 10 years. Your dog requires your love, attention and respects not only food and water.

Choosing a Pet Cat 

In the USA, a number of people adopted cats as a pet. Therefore the selection of a cat or kitten is very valuable. Here, some points should be kept in mind while selecting a cat.

  • Cat or kitten’s litter box should be clean due to their fastidious habits.
  • The cat life span is more than fifteen years long. Therefore, you should be ready for a long-term commitment.
  • Trimming of cats’ nails is necessary to avoid crashes on the furniture.
  • Before adopting a cat or kitten consult with your veterinarian to know about their behavior and personality.

Choosing a Pet Bird

Birds are charming and fascinated creatures. They are not easy to handle. Birds are social animals, intelligent, and need attention. Some birds e.g. parrots are a lifetime commitments. They can live more than 50 years. That’s why you should know about choosing a pet bird.

  • Parrots require your attention therefore spend 2 to 3 hours with your parrot in a day.
  • Birds also require some entertainment.
  • A parrot needs a balanced varied diet every day.

Choosing a Pet Rabbit

There are some points that you should know before choosing a rabbit such as;

  • The life span of a rabbit is 5 to 10 years, so you should be ready for this commitment.
  • Rabbits require care on daily basis.
  • They have a diversified digestive system and require a balanced diet with different nutrients.
  • Rabbits do not feel satisfied with rowdy cats or dogs.
  • They need a specific temperature. That’s why you should be kept inside.

Selecting a Horse

A horse is a big and famous source of enjoyment for many people

  • Horses need 30 to 60 minutes a day for their grooming and care.
  • The average life span of horses is 30 years.
  • They require a lot of money for their food and feed.
  • A horse is an expensive pet animal ranges 50$ to 2000$ in a month for its track, veterinary care, and stable tools.

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