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Good Behaviors for a New Puppy

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Good Behaviors for a New Puppy

Good Behaviors for a New Puppy

Do you like to have like dog or puppy?

You should know that everyone wants to have such a puppy that is quiet, affectionate, and happy. The liking or disliking of any pappy depends on its attitude and temperament mainly. The temperature of a puppy can be checked out by a series of rests including friendliness, shyness, protectiveness, stability, confidence, self-defense instincts, and ability to observe the alarming situation. We should also keep in our mind that some of the character traits that exist in humans cannot be in the dogs like spitefulness. I think you have understood a little about dogs and puppies. We also guide you on what you need to observe in a puppy when you choose your puppy as your companion. We give you seven traits to look out for in a 7-week old puppy.


Trainability is such characteristic in the dogs which prefers them on the other breeds. There are many breeds that look good but have less ability to observe. You have to observe how much the puppy is interested in playing with the ball. You can do this just by playing with the ball before the puppy. Bouncing the ball before your puppy is also a good option for creating the interest and attraction of your puppy. This test is for observing and checking the interest and attraction of your pet.


For this kind of test, you have to keep the puppy in such a place or area where it has never been before you, then have to clap your hands or kneel down waiting for your puppy’s response. The puppy with great confidence will come to you ready with its tail up. While the fearful or shy puppy will not come to you. In this way, you can determine the degree of confidence in your puppy.


In order to determine how your puppy reacts in times of stress or dominance, you just have to crouch down your puppy rolling it on its back. Hold the puppy in the same position for 25-30 seconds. The puppy which has dominance ability more than others will fiercely struggle. It can also bite in this position due to its anger. While the submissive puppy will not struggle rather it will even avoid eye contact.

Sensitivity to Loud Noises

It is very interesting to know about the sensitivity behavior of the puppies. The puppy runs away and starts jumping which is sensitive to loud noises. On the other hand, some puppies stand still and try to reach the place or the thing from where the voice or sound is coming.

To check the sensitivity of the pets to loud noise, you’ll have to get help from any other person. Keep your puppy in the center of an area, ask your helper to make a loud noise. It can be drum beating or vibrations of spoon beating on the pan. The very test is also helpful to determine the deafness of your puppy.


As you know the dog is a faithful animal. To determine the loyalty and independence of your puppy, a simple test can be done. For this walk a few steps away from your puppy, notice that your puppy is also looking at you. If your puppy is independent, it will not follow you it may even run away from you to any side. But the dependent puppy will follow you in every direction. It can also try to bite your foot.

Ability to Solve Problems

For determining how your puppy is able and active to solve the problem, tie a towel with a string. Keep the puppy under the tied towel. But remember that this activity should be in an open area. Now, move the towel up and down or to and fro. An active, confident, and intelligent puppy will observe what you doing. It can also try to catch or bite the towel while the fearful, shy, and less intelligent. It can also try to hide and even can run away.

Sensitivity of Being Handled

Some of the puppies start crying or screaming when they are towed while others are stoic. To check it, hold the webbing of your puppy lighting. If your puppy pulls back or shows discomfort before 10 seconds, it means it is more sensitive to be handled. And if it pulls back after 10-15 seconds, it can handle the situation well. But remember leave the webbing of the puppy, if it shows sensitivity or discomfort.


This is another common habit found in dogs that can be varied by type or species. Some dog species tend to dig a hole in the ground due to several reasons. There are some reasons for this habit e.g. to escape, to find a cool place to lie down for rest, to track other animals, or maybe your puppy or dog wants to hide something valuable to them. Sometimes your puppy scratches blanket to find the most suitable spot to lie down. Have you noticed this? This type of behavior is mostly shown at the night, and it is a fully normal trait of your puppy or dog. Although this habit is normal it can bother you or it can be destroyed your furniture or gadgets. In this case, you should consult with your trainer to overcome this bothering habit.


Biting is a loveable behavior of puppies. It is also a sign of confidence and interaction between you and your puppy. It is noticed that the young dogs bite their parents while communicating or enjoying themselves. This can happen with you and the puppy can nip at you. This is common quality or behavior of young dogs while playing. As dogs are young, they often interact or communicate this way with the mouth. It is noticed that the regular nipping of your puppy can be dangerous or problematic for you and your family. It is important to stop it otherwise your puppy will be a problematic dog after development. Good and consistent communication between you and your VET is compulsory regarding controlling this habit.

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