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Avoid Eating After Taking Chicken

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Avoid Eating After Taking Chicken

Avoid Eating After Taking Chicken

If you love your health, don't forget to eat these 3 things with chicken. People who are fond of food and drink, as soon as they see their favorite thing, they are quick to eat it. But do you know that this habit of yours can put you in trouble?

Yes, there are many such things related to food and drink which, by mixing them with each other, cause great harm to health. One such example is chicken. People who are fond of chicken do not make the mistake of eating these 3 things with chicken even after forgetting.

There Three Things are Curd, Fish, and Milk discussed below;



People who eat chicken should never consume curd with it. This is because the chicken produces heat in the body. On the other end, Curd cools down the stomach temperature. By eating curd and chicken together, both the ingredients together have a bad effect on the digestive system.



Chicken and fish both are having a high concentration of Proteins. However, both things contain different types of proteins. When these two proteins are consumed together, it has an adverse effect on the body because every nutrient should be consumed in a balanced quantity.


It is advisable not to consume milk along with the chicken. Actually, the nutrients found in milk, together with the nutrients of chicken, adversely affect our bodies. Consuming both together causes a reaction in our body. As a result of this reaction white spots or allergies may be appeared on the body in some individuals.

Not only chicken, never eat these things together:-

Black pepper should not be eaten with fish. Eating black pepper even after eating fish can cause harm.

Spinach should not be consumed with sesame seeds. Not only this, never forget to cook spinach in sesame oil. Doing so can cause diarrhea.

Ghee kept in a bronze vessel should not be eaten for 10 days.

Mustard oil and yellow umbrella Mashroom should not be taken at the same time.

Ghee, oil, melon, guava, cucumber, Jamun, and groundnut should not be eaten with cold water.

Sattu, alcohol, sour, and jackfruit should not be eaten with Kheer.

Vinegar should not be eaten with rice.

However, modern science emphasizes a balanced diet but does not believe too much in Ayurveda's theory of cold and hot. If you are suffering from any disease, then definitely contact your doctor for a better solution.

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