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7 Ways to Overcome Depression

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7 Ways to Overcome Depression

7 Ways to Overcome Depression

One of the most common things that lead humans towards heart failure is Depression or Stress. The stats of the WHO World Health Organization reflects that the second most prevalent disease in the world is depression by the year 2020. Anti-depressants medicines are commonly used for the curing of depression but side effects have a very bad effect on health. So, you must adopt some natural depression cure methods for improvement.

There are the following ways to start with

Get Sunshine

Everything in the 21st century is connected with a digital system that is forcing people to start their businesses, shopping, medication, entertainment, and other activities inside the houses. This is the main reason that's why many people face a deficiency of Vitamin A, which is causing depression of different kinds in people. So, sunshine is the most very essential to get Vitamin A.

Talk to people

Talking with wise people about your issues can overcome your problems and depression without the help of taking antidepressants.

So, You need wise people who can understand you. Ultimately they will help overcome your problems with positive thinking and the best advice.(Read also about Yogurt Benefits)

Doctor’s Advice

Many misconceptions are found in people about doctors that they can only suggest medication or antidepressants but it is wrong. Here in case of any disease e.g blood pressure, heart problem, or joint pain you need to know about the symptoms. So, it is important to discuss with your doctor about the issue. Then a doctor can guide you for better treatment.

Work Hard

Hard-working is very important for people who suffered from negative thinking. Because hard work will be dwelling on negative thoughts. So, it is important to stay busy most of the day and don’t use any type of gadget for at least a half-hour to sleep.

Frequent use of Mobile Phones and Ear Phones

Today everyone has smartphones and earphones that is a need of time. But in the case of high use of smartphones people can get depression and it is also a common reason for depression. In case of talking on cell phones for hours or music ear and neck pain can be started. On the other hand, radiation released from cell phones can cause serious health problems. For avoiding this turn on your mobile’s speaker as much as possibles.


Eating healthy food is very important for human health but no such foods are there which can magically fix depression. According to the Islamic point of view, you should take food when you feel hunger and fill your stomach two-thirds of the total with food and water remaining empty.

Dr. Ali Hassan's research showed that foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and folic acids such as salmon, tuna, spinach, and avocado could help in the depression cure.

Do something different

Depression makes you rut So, it is important to prepare yourself to do something new. For example, go to a library and take a book to read. Start a new hobby. Go for the game.

When we try to do something new and different like enjoyment, learning, and pleasure then the brain starts to change chemical levels in dopamine.

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